NIPPONIA is a luxury hotel brand of renovated old and precious Japanese architectures remaining throughout various areas in Japan. Respecting its historical significance, each architecture is revitalized as a facility where you can feel the lifestyle, culture and history of the land.

Especially , Sasayama Castle Town Hotel NIPPONIA was opened in the fall of 2015 as NIPPONIA brand's flagship.

MAKING OF Sasayama Castle town hotel NIPPONIA


Experience in NIPPONIA

Sasayama, a castle town with more than 400 years of history

Since Sasayama is a town that has been prospered as an essential point of transport from Kyoto since ancient times, a strong influence of Kyoto has been reflected in its townscape and culture.
The unified landscape was registered as one of the most important townscapes of Japan, and it is also certified as "the 100 beautiful Japanese historical towns".
Stroll thoughout the town and visiting local shops and cafes is an extraordinary experience that you can only have here.

A region that is inheriting a strong and authentic culture

As well as the townscape, you can experience lots of local culture like dancing in Decansho festival in summer, or making "Tanba yaki", the local traditional pottery.

Feel relaxed in the lifestyle of the ancient time

The sound of birds, the darkness and silence of the night, the comfortable wind that shakes the trees etc. We tend to forget those things being busy in the usual life in city.
Staying in the way people were living in the past without TV nor bright lights, NIPPONIA reminds you the important quality of life that were forgotten.


5 traditional Japanese style villas dispersed throughout the town.

Sasayama Castle Town Hotel NIPPONIA is a hotel with a concept to regard the whole castle town with many historical sites and cultural assets as part of the hotel.

5 buildings are scattered throughout the town, which are restored to keep the taste of the unique lifestyle of the old days with combining the artistic architectural techniques and modern comfort.
After check in, you will head to your room walking through the historical town.


The former residence of a bank owner which is now the main building of NIPPONIA. You can find the reception, the restaurant and 5 guest rooms. It is officially recognized from the local government as "Important landscape structure" for its artistic and characteristic architectural designs.


A historical building in NIPPONIA which is used to be a former "geisha house".


The oldest house in NIPPONIA situated in the heart of historical district in Sasayama, designated as one of the national preservation districts.


A two-story Japanese house equipped with a kitchen that can be privately reserved.


Renovated old japanese house with an interior designed by a famous local artist collaborating with traditional artisans.


Taste of the rich nature of Sasayama

The rich nature of Sasayama

The Tajima Area in nothern Hyogo, where Sasayama is situated, is surrounded by beautiful and nostalgic natural landscape.
Grown in a clean air, water, rich soil and mountains, the area is renowned for its indigenous agricultural products as "Tamba black soybeans", "Tamba chestnuts", "Matsutake", "Tajima Beef" etc.

Above all, Tajima beef, the one of the best quality beef in Japan, is widely known in the world as premium Wagyu brands "Kobe Beef", "Matsuzaka Beef" and "Omi Beef".

At Hotel NIPPONIA, you can enjoy dishes made of those fresh and unique ingredients of the area.


The concept of the restaurant is to serve fine and unique "Sasayama cuisine" which you can only taste in this place. Using fresh local ingedients and respecting local cuisine, the chef transforms the products into a delicious piece of art with fusion of Japanese and French cuisine technique and senses.

Please enjoy the rich taste that the nature of Tamba has created.


After establishing a successful carreer at a Grand Maison in Switzerland, Mr. Ishii returned to Japan and opened "La Pierre Zipangu" in Kobe.THe restaurant ranked first for four consecutive years in Zagat Survey, the major restuaurant guide on par Michelin. He is now putting his efforts in order to take an active role as Grand Chef of the Value Management Group. At once, he is also fostering the next-generation of French cuisine chefs in Japan.


Sasayama Castle Town Hotel NIPPONIA

ADRESS 669-2342
ONAE, Nishimachi 25, Sasayama-shi, Hyogo, Japan
Email info@sasayamastay.jp
TEL +81-6-4256-6887 (English available) (11:00~20:00)

From Kansai International Airport

From Shin-Osaka Station

From Sasayama-Guchi station
(20 minutes)